Italian Holidays: Florence



Holidays: always a good idea. Italian holidays: the best idea on earth!
Thinking about my desired holiday destinations, my choice was quiet simple. I wanted to see Florence and I desperately wanted to spent a few days (or more) at the seaside just being lazy. Sooo, after a quick research I had my route ready: Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Sicily and Rom.
First stop – Florence!
I would describe Florence as sensory overload The city is filled up with beautiful things. Especially, for Renesance-lovers like me this is the place to see.
Whenever I am visiting a new city I follow a safe strategy: the tourist bus tour, sounds stuffy and like white socks in sandals, I know. Nevertheless, the bus tour and its more or less funny guide help to get a first overview. In only a few hours you see various parts of the city and can decide where you wanna take a closer look on your own.
Once you have visited the most important places like: Duomo, Palazzo Pitti, Galleria degli Uffizi and so on, you should take some time for your soul. Walking along the Arno, hearing your favourite music or the sounds of the city, climbing the hill to the Piazalle Michelangelo from where you can see the most stunning view over the rooftops of Florence or you just walk through the narrow streets (there are a lot of them) and just see what happens. One of those streets took me to the small, lovely café (“Un Caffe“, 2 Via Cesare Battisti) where I had a delicious pannini and coffee that blew my mind. As I sat there and heard loud Italian music, noticed Florence feels like home to me and I am gonna be back, soon.
There is a lot to discover in Florence: small markets with good food, original accessories and vintage pieces, hidden shops with fancy clothes and much more. One of my favourite places in Florence is Piazza Santa Maria Novella at sunset. Take a pizza and a beer and watch the lights changing over the place and I promise you will never want to leave this place or you can accompany me the next time.

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