Wrap shirts are only for yoga-mommies? Most certainly not! I almost feel like an Asian princess in my new silk blouse from Filippa K.
In order to keep the outfit at ease, I put some casual boyfriend jeans on, rolled the hem up and slipped into summer wedges. On top: a pair of round 70ies sunglasses and ready to go.

Unbenannt                                                                                                                                                          Source: Douglas


Thinking about Germany, what is the first product crossing your mind? … Beer?
Thinking about Sweeden? … Furniture? Thiking about Korean? … Electronic? Well, you should think one step further. Many people are not aware of Korean’s leading role in the cosmetic industry. All the innovative stuff we know like BB, CC and DD creams (and I am sure the rest of the alphabet follows) comes from Korea. The new big thing from oversee are Cushions. Cushions can be described as a mix of BB and CC cream plus a tone of good ingredients. The package consists of two layers: a sponge soaked in a nutritious foundation and second dry sponge to apply make up. This type of foundation is quite new and I could not try a lot of products so far. Although, I am happy to provide you my first feedback. Unfortunately, Cushions are not really suitable for people with acne or skin depigmentation. The foundation is just too thin. Since the correction level is not too high, it is a good first step to even your skin. Nevertheless, you have to do a good consealing job afterwards. If you have an oily skin, you can use powder if you want. People with dry skin will love it. The foundation provides your skin with the hydration it needs. The texture is very light and watery. My conclusion: Whether you are pleased with the product depends on your expectations. If you want a minimal correction, just a touch of colour and a fresh taint, go for it! The foundation creates a beautiful, radiant skin. All in all, I would say Cushions provide a nice and very light foundation – ideal for the summer time. Furthermore, the handling is exceptional convenient, hence it is a perfect “on the go”-make up solution. As soon as I hear something new from overseas, you will be the first to know.