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Opposites attract – us.
The GSD just ended and we are already looking forward to the next summer season. Ladies, here comes a little overview on what’s expecting us … and it is as fabulous as versatile.
Thanks to Sneakers and Birkenstocks we might have grown a little accustomed to a certain comfort. Fortunately, we do not have to give this up. Espandrilles are the keyword. From Espadrij l’originale to Channel to ZARA, Espandrilles have been already adapted from every designer. The light summer shoes will not only remain next summer but emerge even more versatile in terms of colour and material.
The Bohemain-look we learned to love so much will be taken to the next level. Elaborate details such as stitching, fringes, lacings, exceptional fabrics and exotic patterns will sent us on a journey to faraway countries and through the decades. Rough suede, velvet and coarse woven fabrics in rich colours like curry, inka red, oak, cornflower blue and cobalt will be combined with natural bast and wood.
In contrast to this natural trend we will also have many technical-inspired looks. The modern designs will come with unusual structures, 3D and laser cuts in black/white, metallic shades, electric blue and strong mandarin nuances. The focus lies on the sole again, which will be bold, functional, sporty and creative, avant-gardistic.
All in all, I am really looking forward to expanding my shoe cabinet.

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